Foot Huggies is a Toeless sock company. ALL of our products are made in the USA! Our socks are 85% Combed Ringspun Cotton for breathability, 10% lycra for stretch and 5% nylon sonthey keep their shape. They are great for keeping your feet moisturized after you pedicure. We now have SKID RESISTANT BOTTOM SOCKS! These are great to go from your pedicure to your pilates and yoga class straight from your pedicure! They are fabulous TRAVEL SOCKS too! Slip on your SKB socks, your flip flop and off to the airpoert. Slip off your flip flop, stretch your sock up to your toes, put your sandels in the bin,walk through security, put your sandels back on and off your go...easy right? Now...remove your Foot Huggies SRB socks, turn them inside out together, put them in a zip lock bag and your clothes are now germ free from airport grime! Foot Huggies the sock for pilates, pedicures, yoga, travel... and so much more.

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